What Animals Are Found in Tanzania?

Answer Tanzania is an African nation near other countries such as Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Natives and visitors alike can enjoy a variety of scenic views in Tanzania, as the country contains beaches, mou... Read More »

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Animals Found in Florida?

The peninsular state of Florida provides warm temperatures for a variety of wildlife species, including mammals and reptiles. Florida is also a winter retreat for migratory birds seeking refuge fro... Read More »

Animals Found in the Forest?

Take a walk through any forest and you will see a spectrum of colorful plants and animals seeking to hide in the thickness of the woods. This serene environment is home to elk, deer and other small... Read More »

Who found that all animals are made of cells?

Theodor Schwann, a German physiologist, founded modern histology with his discovery in 1839 that every animal is made up of cells. Schwann was born in 1810 in Prussia and died in 1882 in Cologne, G... Read More »

Is chloroplast found in plants or animals?

Chloroplast is an organelle unique to plant cells. The chloroplast is within the cell wall and contains chlorophyll. Chloroplasts are where photosynthesis occurs, allowing the plant to use the sun'... Read More »