What Am I Going to Do Because My Home Has Lost So Much Value?

Answer When your house value falls below what your mortgage costs, the house is considered "upside down." This means you owe more than what you could sell the home for on the market. While a variety of op... Read More »

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If I Lost My Home to Foreclosure, Will I Owe Taxes on the Fair Market Value?

Mortgage lenders vary, and after foreclosing on your house, they may not seek the outstanding balance on the loan. However, dodging a deficiency judgment from your home lender doesn't mean you're o... Read More »

How much can a home value increase annually?

While most home values decrease annually, there are certain homes that gain value due to different factors; history, location, and architecture. However, there is never a steady prediction to how m... Read More »

How much do granite countertops add to home value?

There is no specific amount of money that will be added onto the value of your home, but the vast majority of realtors will tell you that the kitchen is the major selling point of your home, so it ... Read More »

Does a townhouse increase in value as much as a home?

Townhouses do not typically increase in value as much as free-standing houses in the same area. Free-standing houses are usually more expensive than townhouses because the free-standing structures ... Read More »