What Am I Going to Do Because My Home Has Lost So Much Value?

Answer When your house value falls below what your mortgage costs, the house is considered "upside down." This means you owe more than what you could sell the home for on the market. While a variety of op... Read More »

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How to Teach Your Dog to Go Home when You Are Lost?

Dogs usually don't have any problems finding their way home. But sometimes we do! Then it can be wonderful to have a dog that shows us where to go.

Lost my phone in my own home?

I lost my xp home disc, what do I do?

Microsoft XP has never been available for download - not legally anyway.The Service Packs can be downloaded from Microsoft and burnt onto discs if you get the .iso fileBut you will need a copy of X... Read More »

What to do at home to lost weight?…check out the insanity links, they generally burn the most calories and can help you lose weight the quickest. there's a ton of links there to choose from... Read More »