What Alcohols turn Women into Lesbians?

Answer the good stuff, ever clear, 151 bacardi, tequilaI star yours please star minePlease answer mine SOMEONE, PLEASE;…

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What women on the LPGA are lesbians?

Umm almost every single LPGA they want the experience thankyou and have a nice lesbian or gay day like me;))

Tattoos on women - turn on or turn off?

Self-confidence, compassion and intelligence win out over anything physical. A woman's heart & soul mean more to me than her physical form.That said, I find ink attractive, at least if it's what s... Read More »

Why d or l designations cant be for sugar alcohols?

Sugar alcohol (SA)- lacks an aldehyde or ketone. An example is ribitol. For sugars with more than one chiral center, the D or L designation refers to the asymmetric carbon farthest from the aldehyd... Read More »

Are irish creams really bad for you (relative to other alcohols)?

They are all the same. Irish Creams, along with other cream liqueurs, are often they may have some health benefits. One you may not have tried yet is Amarula. It's from South Africa... Read More »