What Advantages Do Space Telescopes Have Over Telescopes Used on Earth?

Answer Telescopes are our window on the cosmos. Nearly every fascinating image of galaxies, stars, planets, nebulae and other celestial bodies were produced by telescopes. The Hubble Space Telescope in pa... Read More »

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How many telescopes does nasa have?

lets see here not counting the firsts of rockets, there were Apollo 1, Apollo 13 (but they got back alive), then columbia, and lastly Challenger which is the most reasent one.

What Are Radio Telescopes Used For?

Invented in 1937 by astronomer Grote Reber, radio telescopes contribute in many ways to astronomy research. These telescopes measure radio waves, enabling them to see into ranges that optical teles... Read More »

What Are Optical Telescopes Used for?

Optical telescopes gather light from an object and send it along the focal plane to present the viewer with a real image of the object, as Tammy Plotner explains in a article. Opt... Read More »

How much telescopes did nasa have?