What AVI to DVD converter is best for Windows Vista?

Answer On One Hand: Xilisoft AVI to DVD ConverterThere is a saying, "you get what you pay for." The Xislisoft AVI to DVD converter costs money to purchase, but makes the conversion process extremely easy.... Read More »

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I am looking for a new computer what do you all think is the best windows xp or vista?

Ignore everyone saying go for XP.Support for XP will end in June 2009, so that mean no more security updates, no more service packs etc, and if you are looking at a 3 year+ PC then you wan't all th... Read More »

What is the best operating system for a laptop computer- windows vista or XP?

That would depend on the laptop and its processor speed and ram. Vista works very good on a laptop with a 3ghz processor and at least 2 gigs of ram. Anything short of that, XP is the way to go.Vist... Read More »

What is the best setting for security in network sharing in windows vista?

The best setting for the home is Private network as this allows you to enable file, public folder, media and printer sharing over a home network; it also turns on network discovery. If you are acce... Read More »

Whats the best security for windows vista?

live onecare is pretty good actually. so far so good. its been 2 months and i haven't encountered any problems. doesn't slow down my system. it prompts me for absolutly everything which can be ... Read More »