What 60's TV series where man is sentenced to be ignored for his crimes then takes pity on a woman after he is paroled?

Answer John Barrowman has said that there might be a torchwood series 4 in the new year (2009) ------ This statement is false. Torchwood season 4 was said to return in January 2010, but I am not sure when... Read More »

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When does the TNT series Major Crimes begin?

The Monday (10:00 PM - 11:00 PM) show starts on 08-13-2012

What happened to pregnant woman who takes midol?

You have to pay after and/or take a loan. It can take years to pay back.

A woman takes 1 pill of unwanted-72 instead of 2 pills within 3 to 4 hours after having unprotected sex what are the chances of her becoming pregnant?

if dosage is 1.5mg,then she wont have the requirement of nxt dose,the effectiveness is 95%

What was the name of the Australian children's tv series from the 1980's where the grandmother takes care of the kids?