What 5 local dishes would you recommend to tourists in your country, and why?

Answer Singapore being a melting pot of various cultures, races and religion is a fantastic place to embark on one's journey on the Asian cuisine and many others. But to recommend something to a tourist, ... Read More »

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What are some yummy healthy dishes/sides/snacks you would recommend someone trying to lose a LOT of weight?

Wikobey---raisins, dried fruit, trail mix, fresh fruit, are great snacks--tasty and convenient to carry with you in case you get the nibbles!! It's wonderful you want to lose weight--do it sensibl... Read More »

Recipes for Country Cooking for Main Dishes?

Country cooking is called a lot of things, including comfort food, peasant food, soul food or just plain down-home cooking. Recipes, made from simple and usually economical ingredients, get handed ... Read More »

Which foods and drinks would you recommend, if I'd visit your country?

doggone american food is so... AMERICANIZED (go figure!)______________________________________…if you were to visit my PART of the usa, i'd make sure you had...~walleye dinner, fresh fish right f... Read More »

How to Customize FXO and CP Tones for Local Country Settings on Cisco Voice Router?

Each country in the world has it's own Call Progress tones set by the Central office as per ministry of communication or similar institutions specifications to manage different call signalling with... Read More »