Whare can i sell my blood or plasma?

Answer You don't get paid for blood donations, only plasma.

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Does any one know where i can sell my blood plasma some place close to los angeles ca?

Near where I am Baxter Laboratory will pay for plasma.I think there are labs in the Los Angeles area.You could search for other labs that will do the same.

Is plasma in blood used in plasma screen televisiosns?

In plasma TVs, there are two layers of glass and in between them, there is a mixture of xenon and neon gases. When heated, the form the colors, different colors at different temperatures. Blood pla... Read More »

How much can I sell this Plasma tv stand for Pics?

40-50bucks, if it were me I would put a sign saying $50 and in writing below That I'd have willing to haggle. If someone wanted to haggle with you, you'd go no lower than $40.

What is the ph of blood plasma?

Human blood plasma, the liquid component of blood, must stay within a narrow pH range to support life. The pH of the plasma must remain between 7.38 and 7.42 at all times, keeping it slightly alka... Read More »