Whait is the cost of per hair?

Answer 70 Rupees per hair

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Cost of hair transplant?

The Cost of Hair Removal Treatment?

The cost of hair removal treatment varies depending on the method of removal chosen. Some methods for hair removal, such as shaving, are cheap while other methods, like laser hair removal, can be v... Read More »

What is the Cost of a Hair Transplant?

The average cost of a hair transplant will depend on the size of the total area needing a transplant. The average cost of a graft is between $6 and $7. For a specific price, consult a licensed hair... Read More »

Low Cost Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal procedures are known for being pricey, but there are ways to cut costs to make them more affordable. Prices for laser hair removal usually vary based on the area treated, and on ... Read More »