Whaen should you choose your baby's name?

Answer You should choose your babies name when you and the other parent agree on one, and when you figure out the sex of it. usually you start thinking of name when you know the gender of the babby. but a... Read More »

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Should the hospital have spotted your babys hip dysplasia when born and not your gp?

find a doctor FAST! there might be something wrong with your child. If the doctor says that all is fine, visit one more doctor just in case. but remember that children are tricky, and your little a... Read More »

Which name should I choose?

Which screen name should I choose?

You are in Bsc-III year phymathcomputer sci and you want to join NASA so what should you do after your graduationwhich course should you choose?

space is here bcause it has to be when our world goes bang we will be created somewhere else. ily!xoxoxoxo