Wha would you call your mother's ex-husband's stepfather who is not your biological father?

Answer The description of "mother's ex-husband" doesn't denote any particular kinship, especially if he isn't actually your father. "Mr. Smith" would be appropriate; assuming, of course, that his last nam... Read More »

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My father died interstate in Florida my stepfather's name is on my birth certificate how can I prove that I am an heir to my biological father's estate There is a DNA sample from my biological dad.?

If a 10 year old wants her stepfather to adopt her against her biological fathers wishes. Bio father has some contact but child wants stepfather to adopt. Will the court in VA recognize her desires?

Can a stepparent be listed on a birth certificate if the father section is blank and the stepfather is not his biological father?

How can a stepfather adopt if the biological father was never on the birth certificate?

You can go online and look at parent profiles or look up adoption attorneys in your state or the state you wish your child to be adopted in.