Wetland Plants of North Carolina?

Answer North Carolina features multiple wetland areas across the state. Wetlands are areas where water and land combine, such as a bog, salt marsh or swamp, according to the North Carolina Department of E... Read More »

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Native Plants & Animals of North Carolina?

Go native...with native North Carolina plants to attract native wildlife. Non-native species compete for habitat with native species and introduce diseases and parasites that native species cannot ... Read More »

North Carolina Native Plants List?

Native plants are those which originally grew in an area, before imported species became naturalized and spread. These natives are adapted to local weather conditions and soils and interact well wi... Read More »

Garden Plants That Grow in North Carolina?

North Carolina features high elevation mountain regions and rocky coastal areas, as well as a temperate climate. The best garden plants for North Carolina gardens depend on the part of the state in... Read More »

Good Plants for Landscaping in North Carolina?

North Carolina gardeners enjoy a wide variety of growing conditions, from the cold, rocky soils of the northern mountains to the hot, sandy soils along the coast. Winters are generally mild and sum... Read More »