Wet Cell Definition?

Answer Wet cell refers to a special type of battery. It is a primary device containing a liquid electrolyte medium that causes a chemical reaction to occur, producing an electric current. The wet cell is ... Read More »

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Receptor Cell Definition?

A receptor cell reacts to sensations or stimulus in its environment. For example, receptors cells in the mouth may yield a burning sensation from chili pepper or result in a cooling feeling from p... Read More »

Definition of Voltaic Cell?

A voltaic cell (commonly known as a galvanic cell) is an electrochemical power source in which electrical energy is created from the activities of different chemical reactions. It contains two diff... Read More »

Plasma Cell Definition?

Plasma cells are a type of white blood cell that originates in the bone marrow. These cells contribute antibodies to the immune system and help protect the body against disease. Plasma cells have a... Read More »

The Definition of a Convection Cell?

A convection cell is a system in which a fluid is warmed, loses density and is forced into a region of greater density. The cycle repeats and a pattern of motion forms. Convection cells in Earth's ... Read More »