Western Fence Lizard's Diet?

Answer The western fence lizard, also known as a blue belly or a swift, is a species of lizard native to the western United states including Oregon, California, Nevada and Utah. It is part of the spiny li... Read More »

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Electric Fence for Snakes & Lizards?

There are some basics to understanding why electric fences work with cattle and sheep and pets and domesticated animals. Yes, it is a shocking experience for a cow or Fido to hit the fence for the ... Read More »

The Diet of Lizards?

Whether there are a number of lizards around your home or garden, or you want to care for a lizard as a pet, it's important to know what lizards eat in order to keep the pets healthy or to keep the... Read More »

Diet for Anole Lizards?

The anole is a small insect-eating lizard that is native to the warmer regions of the world, mostly in North and Central America. The name "anole" describes a family of lizards and includes the bro... Read More »

Diet of Monitor Lizards?

The monitor family is a group of lizards that includes species such as the Komodo dragon, the water monitor, the Nile monitor and the Savannah monitor. Some of these species are commonly kept as pe... Read More »