Western Digital passport portable hard drive with MAC problem?

Answer The drive is most likely formatted NTFS, which is a proprietary Microsoft format. You can try using Disk Utility on the Mac to mount it, but even if it works it will be read-only. If you need to mo... Read More »

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How to Remove Autostart Programs From a Western Digital Passport External Hard Drive?

Your Western Digital Passport external hard drive comes equipped with software to assist you in backing up your computer and saving files to the hard disk. Often times these programs provide the sa... Read More »

What drive is in a Western Digital Passport Essential 320?

The Western Digital Passport Essential 320 external drive features a 320 GB WDME3200T hard drive that runs at 5,400 rpm. This hard drive connects to the computer via a USB 2.0 cable.References:PC W... Read More »

I have a western digital ide hard drive and i am trying to put a maxtor ata hard drive with but it not working?

Check the cable connections. Make sure that they are properly fitted and in the right position. If ide/ata/mobo connection is not the problem, then try to check you bios set-up. If it still is not ... Read More »

How to Change a Western Digital Hard Drive?

Your computer's Western Digital hard drive is its long-term memory bank. With the rise of digital media, you may fill your drive, so it is important to know how to upgrade your hard drive without l... Read More »