West coast latest time to call east coast?

Answer SARC or VA b. Healthcare Provider c. SAFE Examiner d. Physician on Duty

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When a shows comes on the east coast at 900 pm do you watch it on a east coast channel at 600 pm in the west coast are there any east coast channels in the west coast?

well it depends on what side you are on like if you are on the south side than they might say 7 to 8 central you are going to watch 8 o clock because the 7 is on the east side

In the USA when a tv show is announced to be aired at 8 PM is it the east coast or the west coast time?

How is it possible someone on the east coast of us and someone on the west coast of the us has the same time of their clock?

Yes they are i was om the aimee lykes its a site that spell the ship amy instead of aimee same date that i have dicharge paper for.

Which coast sees the Sun first in the morning the east coast or west coast?