Werealldoooomed-vey Whys the internet playing up?

Answer ha ha you posted a -vey in computers. lmao.

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Whys my 3g not working?

Try removing the back cover, taking your battery out, putting it back in, putting the cover back on, and turn the phone back on

Does playing an app on the iPhone use internet?

It depends on the app. Most games don't require internet, but apps like Facebook, Safari, email, and others do.

Whys everyone hatin on wiki!!?

Destiny, I am pleased that you "love wiki". I think that is a good demonstration for the folks who wonder who exactly is Wikipedia intended to satisfy. For background, there are also your other r... Read More »

Internet Role Playing Tips?

Role playing on the Internet is an increasingly popular way for anyone to live out their favorite fantasies in a safe environment with like-minded people. Whether you're interested in real-time int... Read More »