Were you ever afraid of the dentists?

Answer Yes.

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When you were a kid,were you afraid of the dark?

That was cute and yes i was afraid of the dark as well.

I thought dentists were supposed to care about people?

Wow...that's sad. I've never understood why dental coverage is not widely with Mediciad, etc. I don't think it's the dentists who do not care, but they are limited in what they can... Read More »

Have you ever been afraid to poop?

Yep. Any time I get plagued with the runs, very gassy in the rear. Sometimes a case of not being able to go can be scary. Most especially if caused by your medications. It can cause tearing, with s... Read More »

Are guys ever afraid of asking out a beautiful woman?

On One Hand: It's Just a QuestionAccording to Curt Smith, relationship correspondent for, most men are afraid of approaching and asking out beautiful women because they add unnecessary s... Read More »