Were you disappointed when you found out that alcohol was not a food group?

Answer No, but I was surprised. I grew up in SW Louisiana, where beer was considered a soft drink.Myself, I never touch the stuff. Don't drink; don't smoke; don't chase women.;)

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What food group are crackers in the food group?

I found a bottle, is it alcohol?

What is your age ? If you are a student, please study well, get settled in life. Alcohol is not good for health which is your wealth. Take care of both. good luck. please do not mistake me.

What kind of rum can be easily found, has more than 20% alcohol content, and its under $25?

Can rubbing alcohol dissolve Krazy Glue found on metal?

Rubbing alcohol cannot dissolve Krazy Glue. Krazy Glue always can be dissolved with acetone, which is a main ingredient in nail polish remover. Put some acetone or nail polish remover on a paper to... Read More »