Were there bewbies before the internet?

Answer Where's bewbi- ahem, I mean, cheezburgerz?!

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You are almost 37 weeks and your due date is May 13Th you went to the doctor today and he said you were dilated 2cm and that there was definitly a head down there how long before you go into labour?

AnswerWell, they told me the same thing. I didn't go into labor until two weeks later. It just depends on how well YOUR labor goes.

Did you know there were so many debates on parenting before Y!A?

Yes, I knew it because I am on CafeMom. It gets way uglier on there about those kinds of topics. Yahoo answers is mild compared to CafeMom :)

Were there any US military units fighting overseas before Dec 7 1941?

Vulcan Crewman M161A1 20mm Gatling cannon Anti Aircraft A towed version of the popular aircraft mounted guns. Six barrels firing at an average rate of 6000/rpm. There was also a version of it m... Read More »

How many US Marines were there in 1942 before Pearl Harbor?

Answer When WWII began the total Marine Corps strength was about 65,881 officers and enlisted on active duty, and 18,279 of them were already on duty worldwide on overseas assignments.