Were there baby car seats in 1914?

Answer no

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I travelled from london to nottingham and had to stand because there were no seats on the train?

Sorry, but no.A valid ticket is your evidence of the contract you entered into with the railway industry as set out in the Conditions of Carriage and nothing more. All it entitles you to is the jou... Read More »

Cite us foreign policies that were a direct result of the monroe doctrine between 1823 and 1914?

From a historical standpoint, American foreign policy was one of constant change, starting from one of neutrality, changing to one of isolationism, retreating back to neutrality and then finally en... Read More »

If I were to get pregnant within a couple months of having a stillborn would there be more risks for our new baby?

Answer After my first child was stillborn, I asked the same question. My OB/GYN told me that there is a slight chance it could occur again. He said that there would be a 97% chance my next child w... Read More »

Could there be a risk for your baby if you had an x-ray for a broken finger when you were 6 weeks' pregnant and now you are 18 weeks and thinking of having an abortion?

AnswerGet an ultrasound done. Instead of an abortion try adoption. There are families everywhere looking for babies. It costs you no money. Sometimes it even covers any medical care you need done i... Read More »