We're in the market for a new TV and want to get a Plasma HD.?

Answer Bonny: Most here will agree that the top rated (and most expensive) plasma is a Pioneer, but your budget probably would dictate the next best, and "best bang for the buck," Panasonic. Unfortunately... Read More »

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If your dad tell´s u want do u want A plasma tv or a PS3.What would you pick?

it depends how old are you?If you're into gaming, ps3If not, plasmaIf you're in college or will be soon, don't go for the PS3. You won't have time to do anything but play its very addicting games.... Read More »

Were can i get a plasma tv for free?

If you can make it down to LA go do some dumpster diving. with all the foreclosures people are just walking away from their homes, leaving everything inside. When the banks come though to clean up,... Read More »

I want to buy a T.V which is better LCD or Plasma and why?

The answer to this question depends on the viewing environment and what you are going to be viewing on the TV.There are a few questions I would need answered like:1) The lighting in the room.2) Wha... Read More »

I want to get 32" - 40" TV, whats best LCD or PLASMA?

first in reply to the first correspondent-there is no liquid in a plasma tv-its a combination of two gasses (neon and xenon) held in a plasma state-and if your tv does develop symptoms of the kind ... Read More »