Were headphones a part of the 80's?

Answer SkullCandies are a great brand.

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I put the bottom of my headphones in my mouth and i have braces I know im stupid and it made a static noise And the headphones were in my head Did my brain get hurt or anything?

No iPod has any speakers, so you will need either the supplied earbuds or some other headset, or else a docking station with speakers, These are widely available.

Are headphones part of an ipod?

If you buy an iPod, headphones will be supplied with it.

Headphones only work when part of the way in the jack?

It sounds like the plug has been replaced on the headphones at some point, and was wired incorrectly. If the common (ground) wire was put on the tip or ring connection, the headphones would do exa... Read More »

How were headphones invented?

just use your brain lah(if you have a brain!)