We're going to the bar...what do you order to drink?

Answer rum/coke , long island ice tea, whiskey sour, mohito,

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I'm fixing to turn 21 and am going out to a dance club. What drink should I order for my "First"?

If you've never had alcohol or hard liquor, stick to the sweet liqueurs - although there is this idea that all cocktails come with umbrellas and fancy decor, the best and most sophisticated ones do... Read More »

I'm going out for drinks with some manly men. What kind of drink should I order?

Have you ever drank a Gang Grape? It's Chardonnay, Grenadine, Vodka, Orange Juice with a half a cherry garnish.

If you are going to order a vehicle and will not take possession for at least six weeks do you need insurance when placing the order?

%REPLIES% Answer No Answer The seller might require it, but even if you had it, you could argue that the seller's coverage would apply since you hadn't taken possession of the vehicle. Almost alwa... Read More »

How many episodes of Law and Order and Law and Order SVU were Ever combined?

There are a few episode in which Jerry Orbach has a scene but it's not a real crossover. Payback is the pilot episode for SVU and it's only SVU.Real crossover episodes are Entitled part 2, Fools fo... Read More »