Who is hotter taylor lautner (twilight) or joe jonas (jonas brothers)?

Answer Joe Joe Joe.

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Jonas fans: If the Jonas Brothers come out of the closet...?

Jonas Brothers VS Naked Brothers Band?

JONAS BROTHERS!and thats not just because i♥♥♥♥themthe naked brothers band make bad music and are terrrible actors

I live in NY and uses comcast internet , is it possible to show my ip adress to be jacksonville FL?

No, because your IP address isn't mapped to a place or location. You've been watching too much CSI :-)You say "Show your ip address to be in Jacksonville, FL", show *where*? Where does it show tha... Read More »

Jonas brothers--->would you rather?

I make up my own scenarios. That's just the way I roll!1. I'll be Joe's girlfriend and Kevin would fall in love with me, so we would be best friends.2. I would record a song with them! Then I would... Read More »