Were do i go online so you can look at everybodys houses and backyards?

Answer just go to google maps...o and if ur interrested in these types of things, then try camzone for live videoes of ppl and animals at famous vacation sites!theres just one downf... Read More »

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What animals dig holes in backyards?

Some animals that dig holes in yards are rabbits, ground hogs, moles, nutria, and dogs.

Remodeling Ideas for Backyards?

Improving the area around your home goes a long way toward increasing the value of your home, and this includes your home's backyard. Regardless of its size, you'll find backyard remodeling ideas t... Read More »

Whats everybodys favourite icecream chocolate, strawberry,vanilla?

Why are older houses generally creepier than newer houses?

Good question.Here are my theories as to why older houses are scarier than newer houses:1) Considering that the house is older, the flooring isn't as stable, so it creaks when you walk. At night, w... Read More »