Were dinosaurs reptiles?

Answer Dinosaur are considered reptiles. Unlike most reptiles, however, dinosaurs walked with their legs located directly below their hips, in an upright manner. Dinosaur legs ran straight down, unlike ... Read More »

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Are reptiles considered dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs are part of the class of animals known as reptiles, just as humans are classified as mammals. While dinosaurs are reptiles, not all reptiles are considered dinosaurs. Reptiles include cre... Read More »

Are dinosaurs related to reptiles and birds?

According to Dr. Paul Willis, dinosaurs are related to birds. He says that the "majority of palaeontologists working on the ancestry of birds agree that dinosaurs, particularly small theropods, are... Read More »

Why were dinosaurs made up by the CIA to discourage time travel?

Although the CIA does use our taxpayer dollar to help fund their covert operations, they answer to other independent factions or powers. We, the citizens of the US, are misleadingly coursed into be... Read More »

What was the TV show called where the people were stuck in the past with the dinosaurs?