Were can you get a seriously cheap 8gb apple iPhone?

Answer The only site where you can get wholesale authentic Apple iPhones is

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Why is the iphone so cheap on the apple site?

The iphone is really cheap on the apple site because its being sold with a 3 year contract with AT&T, the money you pay to actually get the phone is the cheep part, what they're really interested i... Read More »

Where to Buy Locked Cheap Apple iPhone 3G?

most of the improvements (speed, new apps, fixing bugs, etc.) are just software changes, so your old iphone 3g is basically the same as the 3gs with the free software upgrade, the only real differe... Read More »

How many Apple iPhone 4S were sold in 2011?

How many Apple iPhone 4S's were sold in 2011?

There isn´t an exact amount that tells how many videos the iPhone 16GB 4S can hold, because it depends on how long the videos are, and how high a quality they are made in.