Were can u sign up for modling in CA?

Answer Modling is a city in Austria. So I suppose you'd have to sign up with a travel agent to see Modling.

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What are possible alternative causes for Chadwicks sign Hegars sign Goodells sign Braxton Hicks or Ballottement?

Ballottement indicates an increase of fluid over the patella at the knee joint - this has more to do with an injury or infection and nothing to do with pregnancy.Braxton Hicks or practice contracti... Read More »

If you were getting diarrhea off and on three weeks after protected sex is this a sign of pregnancy?

Answer You more likely have a different issue than pregnancy. Diarrhea is not a usual symptom in any case.

If you were ovulating last week and now your nipples stay hard and will not go down could that be a sign of pregnancy?

AnswerNo that isn't a sign of pregnancy. Your nipples are most likely hard because your body is preparing for its period, or the friction from your clothes.

You had unprotected sex on the day you were supposed to ovulating and now you have a feeling in your stomach and a heavy thin white milky discharge could this be a sign of pregnancy?

Answerit really could my advice is to get a home pregnancy test. it could be your body discharging his semen but i wouldn't take a