Were can i get a good cheap printer and scanner?

Answer Tesco

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What is a printer that also has a scanner called How do I look for one Do you know where I can find 1 cheap?

its called an all-in-oneyou can get one cheap at any of the office supply stores...they've gotten very inexpensive over the last few years

I need a scanner/printer that auto feeds itself for scanning lots of documents. (As CHEAP as possible too)?

Hi, do you care about the quality of the scans? There are so many scanners out there today to choose from. Check out this website for more info on what to select. I would suggest a Canon or an Epso... Read More »

Where can i buy a cheap good scanner for my drawings?

To be honest, in your price range all the scanners will be about the same. This is going to be as cheap as you can get and still have an image you would want to show someone: http://www.bhphotovid... Read More »

What is a good cheap fire scanner for tasmania?

Hobart uses the Tasmanian Goverment Radio Network, which is an EDACS radio system with a mixture of analog and digital AEGIS. Tasmanian Goverment Radio NetworkAt this moment, no scanner can monitor... Read More »