Were can i get a free spyware and adware removal software for free?

Answer Spybot: Search & DestroyAd-AwareSpywareBlasterWindows DefenderSee sources for where you can get them. Of course, they are all free.They don't conflict each other, so you should have all of them ins... Read More »

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Where can I download free trojan, virus, malware, adware, and spyware removal programs?

you get what you pay for when you get free programs like that. with that being said go to google and search avg. the first result should be or something similar and they have be... Read More »

Free spyware, adware detector removers, what to use?

i use adaware & spybot search & destroy work well for me using xp, but get good antivirus paid for not free stuff no good

Does anyone know of a free spyware/adware site?

Free ones work. Get SpyBot search & destroy at

How to Scan My Computer to Remove Adware, Spyware and Trojan Viruses for Free?

Adware, spyware and trojan viruses can spy on your Internet activity, steal your data, make your computer vulnerable to hackers, or wreck your hard drive completely. Adware pops up ads on your scr... Read More »