Were can i buy a green laser pointer?


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How to Choose a Green Laser Pointer?

Green laser pointers are the pinnacle in high-end laser light technology, thus they are more expensive and hard to get. Many laser companies may be found on Google, but their 'hand-made' laser poin... Read More »

I want to buy a powerful green laser pointer?

Check this answer: Hi! You can learn much from the web site. Green is normal, and if you got a powerful one, your friends will be shocked. I know one and I got a coupon of this site below, I would ... Read More »

Broken 5mw green laser pointer diode?

Green laser pointers have a much more complex design than common red diode lasers. Alignment requires specialized equipment. I know of no easy way to repair one.Don

I am looking for a green laser pointer, 30 mwz that has an approximate 10 mile radius where do i find one?

Ya, in the uk. Try Supposedly they pop balloons and stuff. Not sure if they're legal here or not.