Were any U.S. ships sunk during the battle of Lake Erie in 1813?

Answer A decisive American victory over the British at the Battle of Lake Erie ended the Royal Navy's strategic advantage throughout the Great Lakes, and set the stage for a U.S. victory in the War of 181... Read More »

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How many ships were destroyed at the Battle of Leyte Gulf?

At the Battle of Leyte Gulf, 34 ships were lost altogether. The Japanese lost three battleships, four aircraft carriers, 10 cruisers and 11 destroyers. The Allies lost one light and two escort airc... Read More »

What ships were used during world war 2?

US Navy: Battleships (14" & 16" guns), Aircraft Carriers (Fleet, Light, Escort), Cruisers (Large 12" guns, Heavy 8" guns, Light 6" guns), Destroyers (5" guns), Destroyer Escorts (3" & 4" guns), Sub... Read More »

How many Navy ships were built during World War 2?

What is the average temperature at Lake Erie?

Lake Erie's temperature changes with the seasons. The National Weather Service Forecast Office records its average January 1 temperature as 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Its average April 1 temperature is... Read More »