Went and shop at Forever 21 and Sirens yesterday?

Answer Of corse! I'm a girl and I sometimes wear guys clothes. I can get weird looks to but whatever just brush it off. You will probibly never see them again anyways, as long as you like the clothes that... Read More »

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If I went to buy you in a shop, Would it be a top west end store or a second hand shop in the east end?

Who exactly are YOU to assume that I am for sale...............! ! !

Does anyone remember that children's TV show about the guy who went into a fancy dress shop and when he tried on the clothes he would go to the place. eg if he was a chef he went into a kitchen?

How to shop at forever 21?

You have to make a list of necessities and don't allow yourself to divert..even if it's on sale..even if it's cute.ONLY buy what you have on your list. If you see a cute top online, write down the ... Read More »

I went to the gym yesterday and my muscles are so sore. How can I relieve the pain?

What you need to do is first of all drink a lot of water! When you get any kind of body work done like massage or you work out you need to drink half of your body weight in 24 hours. It might sou... Read More »