Welcome to my diner, can I take your dinner order please?

Answer Bwahahaah cute idea!~ you know I have no idea when I started to realise you really love food ^^I'll answer this tmr kk~ I wanna think of something creative ^^

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What is your favorite meal to order when you are at a Restaurant Diner Deli?

Mornin Scooter, Hugs on yer Sunday.I love seafood so that's what I usually go forShark SteakSwordfish SteakCrabLobsterBut my fave meal of the whole year is at Thanksgiving, and that's for at home. ... Read More »

Can anyone please tell me what is the best thing to take in order to cure a bad sore throat?

gargle with warm salt water.Sip regular tea...NOT herbal!Sleep with a humidifier to soothe your throat.Suck on hard candy.Take some motrin or aspirin with food.

You live in Pa and have sole legal and physical custody of your son there is no visitation order in affect for your ex can he legally take your son without your permission?

No, it would be considered kidnapping. Even without a court order, but if a judge has decided to give you 100% of custody and legal right, it would be a violation of that order. You can technically... Read More »

Where is there a good lounge/dinner to take my boyfriend and friends for a surprise dinner?