Weird thing on my arm?

Answer your not suppose to pick your scabs. you have whats called a scar....

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Weird mabinogi lag thing?

Go to (On the mabi window) Start>Options>System>Performance And deselect all of them, since it might be your computer. Or download game booster. If you're talking about lag delay you can't really d... Read More »

A very weird thing about my TV set?

I'm thinking you have a cat....or a little brother.They both like to mess with the remote....Find the CC button and turn off the CC.You should then UNPLUG your TV for 5 minutes to CLEAR your microp... Read More »

How to Do a Weird Thing With Your Fingers?

Have you ever wanted to do something awesome with your hands? Well, here's something great.

Weird thing just before I was sleeping?

This body movement known as a "sleep start," it is called a myoclonic jerk, and it usually happens right before going into deeper stages of sleep. When you fall asleep your body temperature goes do... Read More »