Weird thing just before I was sleeping?

Answer This body movement known as a "sleep start," it is called a myoclonic jerk, and it usually happens right before going into deeper stages of sleep. When you fall asleep your body temperature goes do... Read More »

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Is sleeping and taking a nap the same thing?

Sleeping is describing more than 2 hours of sleep. And Naps are 2 or less.

Whats the worst thing you've had done to you while you were sleeping?

At a house party a few years ago, my friends decide to play Buckaroo with me when I was passed out.I had passed-out on the front-room floor and they piled anything they could find on top of me. Thi... Read More »

What is this weird arm thing that I can do?

A way to amuse yourself! Possibly the circulation from the pressure you are using in causing the numbness. I tried it to see!

Weird thing on my arm?

your not suppose to pick your scabs. you have whats called a scar....