Weird thing just before I was sleeping?

Answer This body movement known as a "sleep start," it is called a myoclonic jerk, and it usually happens right before going into deeper stages of sleep. When you fall asleep your body temperature goes do... Read More »

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Weird sensation just before dropping off to sleep!?

Sounds like sleep Apnea (Sp?) or could be anything that's restricting your air way.

Before, during, and after pics (just a fun thing)?

you look really good!a year before having my daughter at 19 on holiday - how i miss the non-stetchmarked body!…33 weeks pregnant Read More »

I just tore off a scab. How much blood should I allow to seep out before I get a bandaid for this thing?

lol ScuzzyIt's been about 5 hours since you posted this. I'm curious to know what you ended up doing. If it scabbed back over are you going to tear it off again? I'm seriously dying to know the out... Read More »

Just before dying from cancer my sister had a big burst of energy like every thing was fine. Is this normal?

My mum was released from hospital to die at home with stage IV ovarian cancer. She died 12 days later. In these days we were actually hoping that she might live a few more weeks or perhaps even mon... Read More »