Weird sensation just before dropping off to sleep!?

Answer Sounds like sleep Apnea (Sp?) or could be anything that's restricting your air way.

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Wondering about that weird falling sensation when your about to go sleep. what is it?

I've started getting that too recently.According to the below website it is to do with twitching as you fall asleep, something called a Hypnic jerk. But they're not sure why.Well read the below art... Read More »

Weird thing just before I was sleeping?

This body movement known as a "sleep start," it is called a myoclonic jerk, and it usually happens right before going into deeper stages of sleep. When you fall asleep your body temperature goes do... Read More »

I'm having this weird tingling sensation at the top of my spine?

Lots of different problems can cause most symptoms like this, and this one is no exception, so there is no way for anyone to diagnose this definitively over the web, but one possibility is a cervic... Read More »

Why do I feel this weird, heart-skipping sensation in the center of my upper chest?

I had the skipped heartbeat for several years and got no information from Doctors. I researched the Web and found that taking 250 MG Magnesium Oxide would prevent this. I started taking the Magnesi... Read More »