Weird red spots on feet looks as if veins exploded, doesnt hurt but feet hurt after short standing periods?

Answer You probably should see a podiatrist and find out what's going on with your feet. You may be developing varicose veins in your feet (which can be genetic) or it could be something else. If it's v... Read More »

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My feet hurt really bad!?

Go take a shower or bath....wash your feet, then ask for a foot massage...why not? It will make them feel better.

Why i don't feel anything when u get hurt or a cut in my feet?

Hi,You really need to take control of your diabetes before your health goes further downhill.My aunt lost feeling in her toes, then feet, then went into kidney failure, and died a few years after t... Read More »

Do high heels really hurt your feet....?

I don't, I cannot bear them comfort zone for me never wear shoes or boots with over a 2" heel.

My feet hurt so badly because of my new job....What should I do while at work?

what are those certain shoes, and if they were really okay then your feet wouldn't hurt after a few minutes at work.however, don't get arch supports unless you are sure that is the cause. go see a... Read More »