Weird reaction on weed?

Answer Reefer Madness probably.

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Was this a bad reaction to weed or am I going crazy..?

The problem is that you are smoking an illegal substance whilst on medication which is causing the problem, it's like putting fuel in your car and then drop a match stick in the tank. I suggest you... Read More »

What is this weird plant/weed growing in my backyard?

Those photos match the attached link. Young bamboo looks quite different when it matures. Those long leaves are the antlers.…They are very herbicide res... Read More »

Will the weird feeling after smoking weed stop?

Weird panic attack feeling after smoking weed?

You just smoked too much with little to no tolerance, when you first start smoking you really have to take it 1 hit at a time to not get overwhelmed. It probably was just a panic attack, marijuana ... Read More »