Weird question for some smart people?

Answer some pills have a life expectancy of six months to a year ,so they might be on the down side of usefulness

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This question is a weird question that only makes sense if you think oddly?

Your already there,,,, cus your Katy Perry? In CandyFornia?haha im so confused, please send me the answer(:

Just a weird question?

There is no such thing as a silly question.Your body stresses because of what you think about. The stress makes you "cringe." Making your muscles contract. This is normal, though people have diffe... Read More »

Weird question, but...?

i don't think thats bad.i think blue eyes with black hair is really pretty!:]

Ive got a weird question?

think of it this way, women have a vagina and butt hole, what is between them?