Weird popup, please help, has a red circle and white cross, and yes or no?

Answer PRINT OFF THESE INSTRUCTIONS ON ANOTHER COMPUTERFirst disable all antivirus and spyware programs (there not doing anything anyway) by clicking start menu then run then type msconfig go to start-up ... Read More »

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Party planning help This is a weird question but please try to help lol?

Im feeling weird....please help!!!please!!?

For starters, I suggest you start eating three meals a day because when you only eat two meals a day your body thinks you are starving and collects all your fat and stores it away in preparation of... Read More »

My jaw feels weird Help me please?

the muscles in the back of your jaw are getting tight and need to be released. Here is how to do that:Put your fingers on your head so your thumbs are behind your ears. Place your thumbs next to ... Read More »

My joints in my feet are weird Please help?

It could be.........Arthritis which is a painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints.Bunion which is a painful swelling on the first joint of the big toe.Rheumatoid arthritis which is a chroni... Read More »