Weird panic attack feeling after smoking weed?

Answer You just smoked too much with little to no tolerance, when you first start smoking you really have to take it 1 hit at a time to not get overwhelmed. It probably was just a panic attack, marijuana ... Read More »

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Will the weird feeling after smoking weed stop?

Can i have a heart attack just after smoking weed?

weed causes your heart to beat slower. In turn ur heart would compensate by beating stronger, this explains ur palpitations. Ur heart is not beating faster, it beats stronger. Drowsiness is a commo... Read More »

I am a `18 year old guy who has been smoking weed for almost 3 years and I have weird seizure-like twitches...?

I smoked weed from the ages of 12 - 17. 18 now. It makes me trip out now sorta like you. I get super paranoid and ****. Anxiety, I tripppp. It never used to happen at all. And I didn't have any sor... Read More »

Feeling weird after cavity filling?

It is a reaction of the body to the unnatural, shocking situation. I had the same thing.It should be getting to normal in one or two days. If it does not, see your dentist.Good luck!