Weird pain in my left upper arm, help!?

Answer See a doctor now as this may be heart related. Think about it, your heart is located on your left side and your pain is on the left.

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Pain on the upper left side of my chest.?

There's a lot of things that can cause slight chest pain like heartburn, muscles, and bronchitis to name a few. We all have fluid to prevent friction in the beating of our hearts. When there is t... Read More »

Having really weird pain throughout my left leg?

ohh i have also this problem now i am feel very good from this problem. I can give you same suggestion of this and solve this early. You can get rid off it and make a solve it. I have also pain in ... Read More »

Stabbing Pain in left upper arm. Hurts to move my arm?

Call your hospital and ask if they have a nurse that could help you over the phone. If we call ours we can tell them whats going on and they can either tell us we should or shouldn't come into the ... Read More »

I have a pain left side upper back just below my neck. I havn't hurt it in anyway even when i breathe it hurts?

Its just about sleeping problem you have taken the pillow below your head makes your head enough height with the body. It will be heal automatically if not than consult the Doctor