Weird pain?

Answer hey...i think i know what you are talking about.i had the same pain a while back it lasted for about 2 months. i am a tumbler so there was lots of ground impact on my feet. it was on the top of my ... Read More »

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Weird hip and back pain?

I am a kidney stone passer, and let me tell you what you've described tells it just like I've experienced. The pain come and goes, and finally decides to stay. I cannot tell you of the misery that'... Read More »

I have a weird pain in my elbow?

It does indeed sound like tennis elbow (tendinitis). Try alternating icing and heat, you could take an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen. You should see a doctor for the correct dianogsis. Hope y... Read More »

Weird pain in my left upper arm, help!?

See a doctor now as this may be heart related. Think about it, your heart is located on your left side and your pain is on the left.

Weird pain in my chest heart problem?

"Each time I would breathe in, I would feel pain inside my chest in the pec area (near the nipple)......"The medical term for this occurrence is Precordial Catch Syndrome. Many people mistakenly be... Read More »