Weird new symptoms from alcohol, can you help?

Answer Your body adjusts to certain types and concentrations of alcohol accordingly, your digestive system, cell desensitisation, enzyme production are all affected so you can put down more beers.After al... Read More »

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I have bee having some really weird symptoms?

Maybe you have allergies. Do you take medicine to control your heartburn? The reflux can cause sore throat and trachea soreness. Do not know about the hair, would not worry about that one.

What are some of the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal?

Anxiety & NervousnessDepressionUnclear ThoughtsMood swingsIrritabilityNightmaresDizziness

What are the symptoms of alcohol poisoning?

They symptoms of alcohol poisoning differ greatly from person to person but generally the symptoms are:Slow breathing (Around 8 breathes per minute)Cold & pale skinSeizuresMental confusionvomiting ... Read More »

How do I aleviate symptoms of alcohol detox?

Withdrawal from alcohol during detox is not pleasant to consider or to undergo. There are ways to alleviate the symptoms of alcohol detox, including medicine and support of friends and family.Medic... Read More »