Weird mosquito bite like bumps after going to Israel?

Answer Could be bed bugs.It could also just be mosquito bites--I lived in Israel for a while and never got any bites while living in the Negev, but when I traveled in the Golan, I got HUGE bites! It could... Read More »

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Mosquito Bite Like Bumps.. HELP?

Since it happening when you sleep I believe it could be bed bug bites( or dust mites) or possibly scabies. Try washing all your bedding in extreme hot water and drying it for 30 minute in the dryer... Read More »

I have a weird rash around a mosquito bite! i'm freaking out.?

I would say it's from scratching it so much. Try putting some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball, tissue or paper towel and holding it on the spot for a while. See if that helps some. If not then go ... Read More »

Itchy, mosquito like bumps that randomly pop up?

You say you were never allergic to anything but allergies can develop just like that. As a kid i was allergic to peaches and milk, now i can eat them and drink milk all day long.It could be an alle... Read More »

Are bumps under the skin after a bug bite a concern?

No, not usually. This is assuming that you mean a single lump at the site of the bite. Lumps under the skin are a normal reaction to the allergen introduced by the insect, although not everyone has... Read More »