Weird mabinogi lag thing?

Answer Go to (On the mabi window) Start>Options>System>Performance And deselect all of them, since it might be your computer. Or download game booster. If you're talking about lag delay you can't really d... Read More »

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Weird thing on my arm?

your not suppose to pick your scabs. you have whats called a scar....

A very weird thing about my TV set?

I'm thinking you have a cat....or a little brother.They both like to mess with the remote....Find the CC button and turn off the CC.You should then UNPLUG your TV for 5 minutes to CLEAR your microp... Read More »

How to Do a Weird Thing With Your Fingers?

Have you ever wanted to do something awesome with your hands? Well, here's something great.

Weird bite thing on my stomach (pics)?

Wash out the bite real well and let the dry skin fall off by itself, don't pick at it. If it gets worse go to the doctor.