Weird google tricks?

Answer thanks for sharing a very good site~will be posting it on our group pageheres a direct link ~it is a collection(very large) of live web cam sites have a large "lib... Read More »

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Weird/Interesting beauty tricks?

I heard a good one recently that turned out to be true-- when using eyeshadow, if you put it lighter in the inner corner and darker in the outer corner, it will make your eyes appear bigger.Also, I... Read More »

What happened to Google!! I only see a weird name "Topeka", what's that, why did google change its name?

How to Do the Google Tricks?

Have you ever wanted to make the o's in Google disappear but didn't know how? Well here is an article that will show you how to do just that.

Google search tricks?

Oh there is SO much more than that. Try this page:…