Weird feelings when trying to fall asleep....?

Answer I totalllly know what you mean with the anxiety and feeling like you're in a daze and you can't stop starring at something. Like u know you're starring but you can't focus or anything and you kind... Read More »

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When I fall asleep I get this weird feeling?

That happened to me a lot a few years ago, and still happens less frequently now. I think that it has something to do with your nervous system, and your body is not as prepared as your mind to fall... Read More »

Dizziness while trying to fall asleep?

if this occurs every time you lay down try this little exercise... It's called Brandt's exercise. Sit on edge of your bed in the middle, then quickly lay to the side that you get dizzy with I.E rig... Read More »

Hi how are you doing today im really tired and im trying to fall asleep. any ideas?

Im good, thanks.Keep it dark, put on motzart (but stay off the computer/ipod/iphone)try (this sounds weird, but it works for me) to focus on something dark, so that everything else blends into da... Read More »

How to Fall Asleep when You Are Worried About Not Falling Asleep?

Insomnia is often caused by stress but can also be a cause of stress. When you aren’t able to fall asleep due to day to day worries, excitement or strong emotions such as anger or anxiety, you mi... Read More »